Internet Tips for Parents
  • Explore the Internet with your children. Itís the best way to know what they see and to help them find kid-friendly sites. (Check out our Kid Friendly Web sites section).
  • Once youíre at the sites remind kids to be careful in giving out their real name, address or other personal information in a chat room, to online pen pals or on electronic bulletin boards.
  • Use an online filter. Most Internet providers offer a filter to their customers. If they donít, consider purchasing software that can filter their activity when youíre not around.
  • Set online rules (when, why and with whom present) and let your children know that using the Internet for personal reasons is a privilege and not a right.
  • Teach your children the meaning of private and personal Ė even family Ė information. Encourage them to post messages only with your permission and supervision.
  • Show your child the difference between advertisement and entertainment. A young child may not realize when a favorite cartoon is gathering market data or trying to sell them something.